Our Businesses

ttc-newThe Trend Curve
The Trend Curve™ is the international authority on color and design trends for home furnishings and has been in business nearly 30 years as of 2014.

If you are a manufacturer, retailer or interior designer—or if you work with clients in these businesses—you know your future relies on staying up-to-speed on home furnishings color, pattern and design trends. That is what we offer in our trend products and through our consulting practice.

Innov8PressInnov8Press delivers website & Google Apps customization for startups, entrepreneurs, small & midsize businesses & non-profits.

This is a business whose origins came about after customers of The Trend Curve asked, “Who built your website and ecommerce?” Since we’d created and implemented ours in-house, we were then asked for quotes. Today Innov8Press has delivered nearly 100 sites that meet or exceed the requirements of our clients.

Minnov8m8 began publishing in January of 2008 and was the first tech news blog to debut in the State of Minnesota. Borne out of a frustration that there wasn’t a showcase for the talent, brainpower, creativity, and innovation that existed in this Land of 10,000 Lakes, several geeks set forth on a quest to deliver a destination site for just such a purpose.

Today we cover all aspects of technology innovation by startups, entrepreneurs, non-profits and existing companies and their efforts. We also podcast about influencing technologies that are impacting Minnesota and our readers and listeners.


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